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Reception Given by Palestinian Ambassador

    Pyongyang, October 23 (KCNA) -- Ismail Ahmed Mohamed Hasan, Palestinian ambassador to the DPRK, gave a reception at his embassy on Thursday on the occasion of the 69th founding anniversary of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK).
    Present there on invitation were Kang Sok Ju, member of the Political Bureau and secretary of the WPK Central Committee, and officials concerned.
    Staff members of the Palestinian embassy were on hand.
    The ambassador in a speech said that the WPK opened the era of glory and prosperity for the socialist construction of Juche under the veteran and tested leadership of President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il.
    The historical ties of friendship and solidarity between the peoples of the two countries are growing stronger under the concern and care of HE Marshal Kim Jong Un, he noted.
    He expressed belief that the Korean people would make progress and prosperity and win victory in all fields of building a thriving nation under the wise leadership of Kim Jong Un.
    Kang Sok Ju in a speech said that it is an expression of boundless reverence of the friends of Palestine for Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il that they are joining the Korean people in celebrating the founding anniversary of the WPK every year.
    The undying revolutionary feats Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il performed by founding and developing the WPK are being firmly defended under the wise leadership of Kim Jong Un, first secretary of the WPK, he noted, adding that the DPRK will in the future, too, extend full support and solidarity to the just cause of the Palestinian people to retake the legitimate national rights including the right to build an independent state with east Kuds as its capital. -0-


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