Efforts Directed to Ensuring Stability of Anti-epidemic Environment

Pyongyang, June 28 (KCNA) -- All sectors and units of the DPRK are taking every possible measure for ensuring the stability of the anti-epidemic environment to the maximum while holding fast to all the anti-epidemic policies and guidelines of the Party and the state.

The central emergency anti-epidemic sector directs its efforts to making sure that all the processes and spheres of the economic and social life are conducted with thorough anti-epidemic guarantee.

It pushes ahead with the work for scientifically confirming the degree of mass immunity by establishing the antibody test system across the country.

It also draws up and issues relevant instructions, assignments and explanations to correctly implement the mobile anti-epidemic policies that are being adjusted and enforced.

Emergency anti-epidemic units at all levels are maintaining and consolidating the stability of anti-epidemic environment while taking anti-epidemic measures suited to the characters of relevant regions, units and seasons.

Measures for promptly evacuating inhabitants in case of flood damage occur are taken along with steps for ensuring anti-epidemic security of shelters.

Water quality examination and intensive disinfection of water reservoirs, wells, driven wells at shelters to be built across the country were carried out.

Over 106 000 medical workers and hygienic workers have been ready to cope with an emergency situation caused by possible flood.

In the areas along the line and those that are densely populated, river water and minute dust are being tested regularly and, in particular, multiple anti-epidemic measures are taken to prevent inhabitants from touching wild animals, sea wastes and strange things.

The stockbreeding units and observation posts are taking veterinary and anti-epizootic measures to prevent the outbreak and spread of epidemic by domestic animals.

Relevant sectors are improving rivers and repairing water supply and sewerage networks and sewage purifying facilities in a qualitative way while paying attention to disinfection and hygienic safety in supply of drinking water for inhabitants.

Works are stepped up to produce and supply enough medicines and medical supplies and increase the variety of essential and reserve medicines at major medicine production units. -0-

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