Electricity Output Goes Up

Pyongyang, February 4 (KCNA) -- Workers of the Chongchongang Thermal Power Plant in the DPRK are now boosting the production in the same spirit as they displayed to fulfill the January plan.

The power plant built up its own technical forces and launched brisk activities of the April 15 Technical Innovation Shock Brigade to expand the successes made in the introduction of the technology for stabilizing boiler combustion and prefect valuable technical innovation proposals for updating equipment in the water supply system and the air-blast and exhaust system.

It also thoroughly established a planned preventive maintenance system to improve the safety of operation of equipment while increasing the existing production capacity through a close inter-process engagement.

The plant raised the power output per generator by ensuring the smooth supply of raw materials through effective technical control of equipment and enhancing the responsibility and role of operators.

It also raised the scientific level of organization and guidance over production and took technical measures for ensuring the security of rotary equipment to increase the amount of steam. -0-

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