Framework of Regional-Industry Factories Finished in 20 Cities and Counties of DPRK

Pyongyang, June 17 (KCNA) -- The grand general onward march of the regional-industry revolution, which the great Workers' Party of Korea Central Committee declared as project for great change to promote the comprehensive rejuvenation of the DPRK and is dynamically leading, is being vigorously made in the whole Party, country and society.

The soldier-builders and officials, party members and working people across the country, who have turned out in the first-year advance for implementing the Regional Development 20×10 Policy, true to the noble aspiration of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who submits all affairs of the Party and the country to the promotion of the people's well-being with his idea of believing in the people as in Heaven and through his devoted service for their well-being, successfully made a breakthrough in the drive to attain the ten-year goal of the WPK in a matter of less than half a year.

Thanks to the heroic struggle of officers and men of the 124th Regiments of the Korean People's Army (KPA) standing in the vanguard of the regional industry revolution, the framework projects were completed in the main in a little over three months after the ground-breaking of regional-industry factories in 20 cities and counties, the first year’s projects, and the landscaping is being simultaneously pushed ahead with.

The work to lay the material and technical foundations for normalizing the production at the new regional-industry factories was given definite precedence, including the creation of tens of thousands of hectares of raw material bases and the strengthening of training technicians and skilled workers in quality and quantity, and dynamic drives for increased production and transport were waged in various sectors of the national economy, thus bringing about a joint innovation in the production of materials and equipment for the regional construction sites.

Kim Jong Un took Party and state measures for supplying funds, manpower and materials necessary for construction and gave meticulous guidance and precious instructions on the issues arising in creating raw material bases, training technicians and skilled workers and establishing a well-regulated work system.

The might of the great army-people unity, a national trait peculiar to the DPRK, is being fully demonstrated in the struggle to turn the WPK policy of developing regional industries into an entity of great change.

Officers and men of the 124th Regiments of the KPA who had been dispatched to the construction sites in hearty response to the order of the Chairman of the Central Military Commission of the Workers' Party of Korea, are raising fierce flames of a new construction revolution.

Officers and men of the 124th Regiment of the KPA involved in the construction of the regional-industry factories in Songchon County dashed ahead in the vanguard of the regional change in the new era.

The soldier-builders, who completed the huge project of foundation excavation in a matter of five days, secured hundreds of thousands of blocks and aggregates and successfully completed the framework construction by pushing ahead with bar working, form assembly and concrete mixture placement at the same time.

The 124th Regiments of the KPA, dispatched to Jangphung, Onchon, Usi, Kyongsong and Jaeryong counties, finished the framework construction ahead of schedule by carrying out their daily jobs in a matter of hours.

Regional-industry factories began to take shape as the framework construction has been completed thanks to the matchless devotion of the soldier-builders who have performed exploits every day in their proud struggle for upholding the policy of the Party and the country and bringing happier life to the people.

Keeping pace with the intensive struggle of the KPA 124th Regiments, provincial, city and county Party committees have pressed ahead with the creation of raw materials bases, training of skilled workers and preparations for operating factories simultaneously, deeming them affairs to be tackled by them exclusively.

Supported by patriotic zeal of working people to pioneer new life and civilization by setting store by and taking good care of everything in their home villages, tens of thousands of hectares of raw material bases have been created across the country.

Every province has given priority to intensifying technical forces, training skilled workers for new factories.

Those to be trained for different production lines and jobs were selected and many skilled workers have been trained amid frequent demonstrations and technical workshops.

The February 17 shock brigade of scientists and technicians, organized to implement the regional development policy, conduct intensive technological research to contribute to establishing production lines, breeding high-yield strains and improving quality of products.

Workers of industrial establishments in different parts of the country and those in the fields of railway, land and maritime transport are performing collective and joint innovations out of the desire to make contributions to the successful execution of the Party's regional development policy.

The patriotic deeds of the service personnel of the 124th regiments of the KPA and officials and workers across the country, who are upholding the Regional Development 20×10 Policy with practical successes, add fresh confidence in victory and vitality to the all-people general advance for implementing the decisions of the Eighth Congress of the WPK.

Sure victory is in store for the 10-year revolution for bringing about a comprehensive rejuvenation of regions as there are wise leadership of the WPK accelerating the revolution by dint of intense love for the people, great potentialities of self-supporting economy and the patriotic united strength of the people and KPA service personnel with firm faith in scientific accuracy and justice of the Party policies. -0- (Juche113.6.17.)