Epidemic Prevention Campaign Intensified in DPRK

Pyongyang, May 17 (KCNA) -- A party-wide and nation-wide emergency epidemic prevention campaign is intensified in the DPRK to reverse the spread of the epidemic at an earliest date possible under the energetic guidance of the great Party Central Committee.

Urgent measures have been taken to immediately rectify the deviations in the supply of medicines, true to the spirit of the emergency consultative meeting of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK).

On the special orders of the WPK Central Military Commission, the military medical field of the People's Army urgently deployed its powerful forces to all pharmacies in Pyongyang City and began to supply medicines under the 24-hour service system.

Senior Party and government officials, including Choe Ryong Hae, Kim Tok Hun and Pak Jong Chon, members of the Presidium of the Political Bureau of the WPK Central Committee, visited pharmacies and medicament management offices in several districts to learn in detail about the demand for medicines and their supply.

They called for establishing a more strict order in keeping and handling the medical supplies, maintaining the principle of prioritizing the demand and convenience of the people in the supply and thoroughly ensuring the hygienic safety of service environment.

Public officials of the Cabinet and leading officials of the power organs across the country in direct charge of medicine transport have made sure that medicines are preferentially supplied to relevant pharmacies, clinics and neighborhood units and taken practical measures to eliminate unfairness in the supply of medicines and treatment of patients even in far-flung villages in northern mountainous areas and areas along the demarcation line, to say nothing of cities.

All provincial, city and county Party committees and basic Party organizations including primary Party committees have conducted meticulous organizational and political work for swiftly curbing the spread of the epidemic and stabilizing the people's life in the principle of fully bearing the responsibility for inhabitants and working people in their regions and units.

In line with the steady growth of persons with fever in the metropolis, the Pyongyang City Party Committee has scrupulously launched a campaign for scientific and intensive examination and treatment and its officials have visited hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, food depots and grain agents to take timely measures for medical examination, supply of medicines and living conditions.

The central emergency epidemic prevention sector has directed efforts to curbing and rooting out the spread of the epidemic so as to prevent re-infection among those who had recovered from the disease, while taking account of persons with fever and conducting scientific examination of those with abnormal symptoms.

Meanwhile, efforts are concentrated on informing the masses through media of the common sense on infection of the stealth Omicron variant to make them deeply understand the scientific treatment methods and epidemic prevention rules.

The field of public health has built up database while grasping in detail the clinical experience, secret method, effect and adverse reaction of medicine, period of recovery and treatment method to properly treat patients. It has worked out and issued the standard treatment guideline specifying the selection and use of medicines and nursing methods according to the situation of patients.

Amid the intensified work for expanding the ranks of medical workers, some 11 000 officials, teachers and students of the medical worker training institutions across the country took part in the intensive medical examination of all inhabitants for finding fevered persons and treating them on May 16 alone.

Pharmaceutical factories, Koryo medicine pharmaceutical factories and medical appliances factories across the country have increased their production by directing efforts to the production of medicines and medical supplies in urgent need in keeping with the maximum emergency epidemic prevention situation.

Various sectors of the national economy are pushing ahead with the production and construction while strictly keeping a closure step and taking thoroughgoing epidemic prevention measures. -0-

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