Motive Force of Miracles

One day in September Juche 102 (2013), the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un visited completed Unha Scientists Street.

He went round several houses with parental affection to see if there is any inconvenience in the life of scientists and even checked how long it takes for the scientists to reach their workplaces.

He also toured nurseries and kindergartens for sons and daughters of scientists and commercial and public service centers.

That day, the General Secretary told officials that the housewarming ceremony in Unha Scientists Street should be organized well and that senior officials of the Party and the state should all go out to the spot to congratulate the scientists moving into new houses.

And he stressed the need to arouse the mental power of scientists so that eye-opening events can take place one after another, expressing his great expectation and belief that they would stand in the van of the development of science and technology.

Looking up to the General Secretary, the officials keenly felt that his love and trust for the scientists are precious nutriment and motive force kindling the flames of miraculous creation. -0- (Juche112.2.14.)