Head of WPK Delegation Meets Secretary of Ho Chi Minh Municipal Committee of CPV

Pyongyang, March 29 (KCNA) -- Kim Song Nam, alternate member of the Political Bureau and director of the International Department of the C.C., Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) who is on a visit to Vietnam as head of a WPK delegation, met and had a talk with Nguyen Van Nen, member of the Political Bureau of the C.C., Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) and secretary of the Ho Chi Minh Municipal Committee of the CPV, in Ho Chi Minh Municipality on March 27.

Kim Song Nam briefed on the reality of the DPRK achieving the comprehensive development of socialism under the wise guidance of the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un and stressed the need to consolidate and develop the friendly relations in line with the noble will and intention of the top leaders of the two parties.

Nguyen Van Nen said they are rejoiced over the fact that the WPK and the DPRK government and people have made signal successes in socialist construction through an indomitable struggle under the leadership of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, adding that the Vietnamese people have always remembered the DPRK's sincere support to their anti-U.S. national salvation struggle and cause of national reunification.

Stating that the bilateral relations are further developing on the basis of deep trust between General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong and General Secretary Kim Jong Un, he expressed the will to thoroughly implement the historic agreement between the top leaders of the two parties.

Present at the talk were members of the WPK delegation, the charge d'affaires ad interim of the DPRK embassy in Hanoi, a vice-chairperson of the External Affairs Commission of the CPV Central Committee, a vice-chairperson of the Ho Chi Minh Municipal People's Committee and others.

That day, the WPK delegation was invited to a reception hosted by Nguyen Van Nen. -0-

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