Love for People in Mountainous County

In September Juche 88 (1999), Chairman Kim Jong Il visited Hwaphyong County (a remote mountainous county) in Jagang Province of the DPRK so as to tour a new power station in the county.

Enjoying the beautiful scene in vicinity of the power station for a while, the Chairman said with great satisfaction that the surrounding area was kept clean and tidy and beautiful and the station was built in a fine place.

He learned in detail about the power situation, praising Hwaphyong County for its achievements. Then he asked if the electric heating was introduced.

An official told the Chairman that if the power station under construction is completed, it is possible to apply the electric heating system. The Chairman said that the system should be introduced into the houses as the county is a cold area.

That day the Chairman also acquainted himself with the real state of regional-industry factories.

He said that whatever we do should be subordinated to improving the people's living standards and that the power station should be used to keep the houses warm and provide clean and cultural environment for people's living before operating regional-industry factories.

He acquainted himself in detail with farming and gave instructions on the issue arising in the production of tiles for rural houses and other issues. And he left the county after wishing the county more successes. -0- (Juche113.4.2.)