Struggle for Punishing Traitor Yoon Suk Yeol Intensifies in Region of Puppets

Pyongyang, May 30 (KCNA) -- The people in the region of puppets are getting evermore angry at Yoon Suk Yeol, a warmonger and sycophantic traitor who has been hell-bent on the murderous fascist repression campaign after putting the politics, the economy and even the regional security into the hands of outsiders.

Last week witnessed the ceaseless struggles by the people from all walks of life to punish Yoon hell-bent on the reckless nuclear war racket as a war stooge of the U.S. and Japan.

In Seoul on May 22, organizations of all social standings held press conferences to condemn the Yoon Suk Yeol traitorous group for staging war drills recklessly under the war scenario of outsiders.

Speakers there stressed that unless Yoon desperately seeking to unleash a war on the Korean Peninsula at any cost, is ousted from power at once, the fellow countrymen cannot escape catastrophes, calling on everyone to turn out in the struggle for ousting Yoon.

Then the participants took a ceremony of rending to pieces a photo of Yoon.

On May 23, over 70 organizations in Taejon had a news conference in front of the statue of a worker drafted by the Japanese imperialists, so as to call for the struggle to punish traitor Yoon.

The speakers declared the will to intensify the anti-war, anti-Yoon Suk Yeol struggle through a one-million signature campaign for peace against war and other various campaigns.

In Seoul, Pusan, Taejon and all other areas of puppets on May 27, there were the 41st candlelight rallies and demonstrations demanding Yoon's resignation on the theme of "Oust Yoon Suk Yeol who is loyal to Japan and repressive to his people!"

The rally in Seoul started with a memorial service for Yang Hoe Dong, a citizen who burned himself to death in protest against the traitor's murderous rule.

Chanting the slogan "Let us punish the murderous government with candlelight," its participants vowed to oust Yoon from power at any cost.

Speakers in the rally gave vent to their anger, saying "We are here with wrath at Yoon who has refused to call Japan's past to task and demand apology from it" and "The way for guaranteeing the future of this land is to oust Yoon from power".

Disclosing the danger of water contaminated by nuclear waste from the Fukushima Atomic Power Plant, they accused Yoon of conniving at and positively supporting the unethical act of Japan.

They also denounced his attempt to suppress the candlelight struggles of people, branding them as "illegal" and his reckless suppression campaign through many plots.

The participants staged a demonstration.

Workers, farmers, students, religionists and other people of different walks of life in different parts of the region of puppets formed mass organizations for ousting Yoon.

On May 27, the former generation of the Federation of University Student Councils joined in the struggle for forcing Yoon to step down.

On May 25, a joint action consisting of more than 300 labor, civic, public, religious, cultural and other organizations was formed.

At a press conference called in this regard, those organizations declared that they would struggle to the last until traitor Yoon Suk Yeol is ousted from power. They stressed that deaths like martyr Yang Hoe Dong would be repeated if the traitor is left intact and that the citizens and the public can no longer connive at the moves of the "regime" stamping out their rights to existence.

Media reported that even long and heavy rainfall could break the will of citizens out in the struggle to oust the Yoon "regime". -0- (Juche112.5.30.)