June 10th Independence Movement

Pyongyang, June 10 (KCNA) -- Ninety-seven years ago, the Korean people staged the June 10th Independence Movement in protest against the Japanese imperialists' brutal colonial rule.

The movement, launched on June 10, Juche 15 (1926) with the death and funeral of Sun Jong, the last emperor of the feudal Joson dynasty (1392-1910), as an occasion, was an eruption of the towering anger of the Korean people towards the Japanese imperialists who illegally occupied Korea by force of arms. It was also a mass anti-Japanese patriotic struggle to regain the sovereignty of the country and nation.

The movement, which was started in Kyongsong and spread to Inchon, Taegu and other areas, was attended by a broad spectrum of people who love the country and value the dignity and sovereignty of the nation.

The masses chanted such slogans as "Long live the independence of Korea!" and "Japanese army, go home!"

The fighting spirit of the Korean people to retake the sovereignty of the country and nation usurped by the Japanese imperialists rent heaven and earth.

Much upset by this, the Japanese imperialists suppressed the expanding movement by force of arms. Their barbarous genocide stained the country with blood of the Korean people.

The suppression more clearly showed that the Japanese imperialists were robbers and thorough colonial rulers who trampled down even the elementary political rights of the Korean people with arms.

Through the massive movement, the Korean people demonstrated their patriotic stamina and indomitable will not to allow the Japanese imperialists' occupation of Korea. The movement also exposed the deceptive nature of the Japanese imperialists' "cultural rule" and dealt a heavy blow to their colonial rule. -0-

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