Kangdong Greenhouse Complex Starts Production and Supply of Vegetables

Pyongyang, April 2 (KCNA) -- The Kangdong Greenhouse Complex, a large-scale vegetable producer of the DPRK, reaped vegetables for the first time.

Its officials and employees have made sincere effort to produce a high yield of vegetables, along with the completion of the greenhouse complex, since last year when the construction was in full swing.

They reaped early vegetables in ten-odd days after the inauguration of the complex.

They have gathered various kinds of vegetables including cucumber, pumpkin, lettuce and cabbage at cylindrical greenhouse, dome-shaped glass hydroponic greenhouse and other greenhouses.

Vegetable transport vehicles left the greenhouse complex on Monday for vegetable sale stations and greengroceries in each district of Pyongyang Municipality.

After being supplied with fresh vegetables, the servants and citizens have expressed their gratitude to the motherly Party. -0-

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