Frequent Visit to Pyongyang Textile Mill

One day in July Juche 42 (1953), President Kim Il Sung visited the then Pyongyang Textile Mill which was under the indescribably miserable condition.

Going round the destroyed mill that day, he stressed that the clothing problem of our people should be solved now that an armistice has come into place. He said that it is one of the most important tasks to solve the clothing problem of the people ill-clad due to the war and, accordingly, it is very urgent to reconstruct the Pyongyang Textile Mill.

He added that the Korean people can repair the mill in just two months if they display the same mettle as they humbled and subdued the arrogant Yankees who had not experienced defeat in the world war history.

Ten days later, he visited the mill again and earnestly called on the officials to make all the workers fully understand the political significance of its construction and speed up the construction.

On October 3 that year he came to the mill again and noted that there were no technicians when he visited last time, but the high revolutionary enthusiasm of the Party members and workers made it possible to repair the mill and assemble machines within the scheduled time. This is another demonstration of the Korean workers' mettle, he said.

Visiting the mill on November 3 again, he encouraged its officials and workers to produce much more cloth as soon as possible.

As seen above, the President visited the mill four times in the year when the war ceased alone to provide the people with cloth as early as possible. -0- (Juche112.1.17.)