Noble Ideal of Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un

One day in May Juche 106 (2017), the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un met officials and told them that the people-first principle is his political idea and his politics are for making the people well-off from A to Z, adding that all his thinking and activities are focused on promoting the well-being of the Korean people.

He earnestly said that it is his ideal to turn the DPRK into the most powerful country that no one dares provoke and to make its people the happiest people in the world.

Noting that if his ideal comes true, the world will admire

Kim Il Sung's nation and Kim Jong Il's Korea and the Korean people will live happily with nothing to envy in the world, he emphasized the importance to make the people enjoy a rich and civilized life to the full so that they would keenly feel that the socialist system in their country is the best in the world and socialism is their life and soul.

Thanks to his noble ideal, the ideal and goal for building a powerful country and all dreams of the people are being translated into brilliant reality on this land. -0- (Juche113.1.17.)