Reliable Working Class

One day in November Juche 103 (2014), the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un visited a factory and enjoyed a simple performance given by the art group members of the factory.

Appreciating the performance, the General Secretary said that every number was pulsating with the Party's policy and full of love for the factory, adding that it showed the revolutionary character of the workers of the factory, determined to become standard-bearers and shock brigade in implementing the Party's lines and policies, as well as the great ideological value and artistry.

He told officials that he was pleased to see the modernized factory, but he was more pleased to see the ideological and moral traits of its workers fully armed with the Juche idea. He said that their determination to share the destiny with the Party gave him strong courage and great strength. He added that he once again realized that he could cheerfully overcome any difficulties thanks to the reliable working class of the DPRK.

The word "reliable working class" reflected his ardent love and absolute trust in the heroic Korean workers who have performed miracles and feats, displaying their mental power with pure loyalty to the Party to single-mindedly trust and follow it only. -0- (Juche113.4.2.)