Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un's Efforts for Overall Mechanization of Agriculture

One day in July Juche 107 (2018), the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un visited the Junghung Farm in the then Samjiyon County.

After acquainting himself with the number of farm machines and tractors possessed by a workteam and their operation rate, he stressed the need to ensure the overall mechanization with more modern and efficient farm machines in keeping with the ever-changing and developing reality, saying that the farm's level of comprehensive mechanization should be decisively enhanced.

He said it is the firm determination of the Party to build up the farm into a model one in updating farm machines and, on this basis, turn Samjiyon County and the farms in the county into the standard of the country where comprehensive mechanization has been perfectly realized on a high level and the ideal of the farmers has been translated into a reality.

The officials keenly felt about the noble intention of the General Secretary, who visited the farm in the northern end of the country with his steadfast will to realize the overall mechanization of the rural economy at an early date. -0- (Juche112.10.4.)