People's Open-air Ice Rink

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited the People's Open-air Ice Rink near the completion on a day in November Juche 101 (2012).

At the ice rink, he said with great satisfaction that the ice rink was built wonderfully so that working people, youth and students can skate even in the hottest period from next year.

An official made him a request to train professional sportspersons while serving guests at the ice rink.

He said that if the ice rink is to be used by them, the floor should be drawn with line according to the rules of game and if it is used as an ice hockey ground, cages should be installed. In that case, working people feel inconvenience, he said.

He repeatedly stressed that the People's Open-air Ice Rink should be used by amateurs, working people, youth and students all the year round as a mass sports facility.

Thanks to his noble intention, the open-air ice rink has been successfully built as a mass sports base popular among the people. -0- (Juche113.2.23.)