Article of Int'l Affairs Analyst

Pyongyang, October 10 (KCNA) -- Ra Jong Min, a commentator on international affairs of the DPRK, issued an article titled "Only fools can jump into fire with faggot on their backs" on Tuesday.

The full text of the article is:

Shortly ago, the Ministry of Defense of Canada announced that it would stage an "Operation NEON" around the Korean peninsula from early October to early November, adding this shows that Canada attaches great importance to the Indo-Pacific region and the international security.

As well known to the international community, the acute situation, the eve of the outbreak of a nuclear war, is prevailing over the Korean peninsula and Northeast Asia owing to the U.S. reckless arms buildup and joint military exercises for aggression.

It is easy to judge that the introduction of fighter planes and warships into such a hotspot is a dangerous act like adding fuel to the flames.

However, it seems that Canada, engrossed in kowtowing to the U.S. without elementary thinking ability, has not properly understood the gravity of the present situation in the Korean peninsula.

Canada's behavior is not only an anti-peace act of wrecking peace and security in the Korean peninsula and stability in the Asia-Pacific region but also a foolish option of destroying its security by itself.

Whenever an opportunity presents itself, Canada is making an impression that it contributes to the issue of peace and security in the Korean peninsula. But what the country has done so far in the Korean peninsula and the Asia-Pacific region is to disturb peace and stability and aggravate confrontation and conflict.

Canada, which dispatched mercenaries to the Korean War ignited by the U.S. in the 1950s, has played a leading role in carrying out the U.S. hostile policy toward the DPRK in the new century, too.

It has enforced the law on "special economic measures" to totally block trade, financial services and technology transfer with the DPRK and ban the navigation and mooring of our ships and planes in its territory, under the pretext of implementing the UNSC sanctions resolution, since 2011.

In January 2018, it called a "Vancouver meeting on security and stability of the Korean peninsula" with the attendance of 20 countries, including Korean War participants and Japan, to create an atmosphere for provoking the second Korean war.

This year, too, the prime minister and the foreign minister of Canada remained silent about the fact that the U.S.-led joint military exercises are driving the situation in the Korean peninsula to the redline and, instead, slandered the DPRK's exercise of the legitimate right to self-defence, revealing their distrust and hostility towards it.

At a time when the certainty of military conflict in the Korean peninsula is increasing more remarkably than ever before due to the war drills of the U.S. and "Republic of Korea", Canada is committing such rash act of jumping into fire with brushwood on its back, not content with having added fuel to the flames owing to the anachronistic daydream and its blind belief in its American master. We wonder if Canada's thinking is normal.

As the country has such a way of thinking, it courteously asked even a Nazi to attend its recent parliament session to create an atmosphere of welcoming someone, only to be condemned by the international community and apologize for its act.

It is a natural result for Canada which has become inveterate in finding boundless satisfaction and relief in following its master blindly without any clear view.

It is by no means fortuitous that the international community unanimously has branded "Canada's positive effort for peace and security in the Asia-Pacific region" as an attempt to prove its loyalty to the U.S.

If Canada continues acting as a servant of the U.S. as now, it will be called the "51st state" of the U.S. like the "Republic of Korea".

Canada should stop such a reckless act of doing harm to its own interests, clearly understanding that the Asia-Pacific countries are closely following its reckless behavior. -0- (Juche112.10.10.)