KCNA Commentary on Japan's Third Discharge of Nuclear-polluted Water into Sea

Pyongyang, November 8 (KCNA) -- Japan launched the third discharge of nuclear-polluted water into sea in disregard of the protest and concern of the international community.

This time, too, Japan is justifying its discharge of nuclear-polluted water into sea under the pretext of "scientific ground".

The "scientific ground" touted by Japan is nothing but data published by the Tokyo Electricity Company, the Ministry of Environment and the Fisheries Agency. The IAEA recommended by Japan has no good grip of the nuclear-polluted water discharged from the atomic power plant in which an accident happened and is, moreover, a group devoid of impartiality.

In particular, the fact that Japan had bribed riff-raffs of the IAEA was exposed and tritium exceeding all the tolerable limits was detected from the sea water collected from the vicinity of nuclear-polluted water discharging mouth after its first discharge. Thus, the concern of the international community about the discharge of nuclear-polluted water into sea is further on increase.

Japan is well aware of what disastrous consequences the nukes bring to human body as the only country in the world that suffered a nuclear disaster due to the U.S.

It is natural for the international community to worry about the consequences to be entailed by the discharge of more than 1.3 million tons of nuclear-polluted water containing over 60 kinds of radioactive nuclides.

Japan should answer a question that if nuclear-polluted water is so safe, why dose it not use it in its island country lack of water but try to discharge it into sea at any cost.

It is the common understanding of the international community that Japan should present its objective and scientific evidence before the international community and make it admitted and never discharge before it, not hell-bent on cheating such words as "rumor damage by false information" and "processed water" in order to grant "safety" to nuclear-polluted water.

If Japan thinks itself righteous, it would have no reason to be afraid of the world's strong demand for accepting the long-term and effective international supervision system and have no need for having bribery with the IAEA.

The nuclear-polluted water discharged into sea can not be purified or reclaimed and mankind is bound to suffer damage from it in the long term.

The recent case that wasted water mixed with radioactive material was spouted from the pipeline of a facility of purifying polluted water proved once again that there is a serious problem in the purification and management capabilities of nuclear-polluted water discharged by Japan.

As the discharge of nuclear-polluted water is an important matter directly related to the safety of the whole of mankind, not the issue of Japan alone, Japan should bear due responsibility before the history and the international community.

The act of threatening the life and safety of mankind can never be pardoned. -0-

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