U.S. Is Chief Culprit of Genocide: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, December 13 (KCNA) -- "As long as the United States exists, you will never be alone."

This is what the U.S. frequently says to Israel.

The "true meaning" of those words has been brought to light by the U.S. unethical act of actively supporting Israel's massacre of Palestinians.

On December 8, the U.S. Department of State adopted a decision to immediately deliver about 14 000 tank shells to Israel, which is scaling up its barbarous military operations in Gaza Strip, without congressional review.

Only the U.S. vetoed a proposed United Nations Security Council demand for an immediate ceasefire between the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) and Israel on the same day, thus again pouring cold water on the efforts of the international community to prevent bloodshed in the Middle East.

Thus, the U.S. completely took off its veil of "mediator" for peace in the Middle East and betrayed before the world its "involvement" in the genocide of Palestinians.

It is the fact well known to the world that the U.S. has actively supported, encouraged and shielded the ceaseless moves of the Zionists for territorial expansion, not content with establishing a Jewish "state" by dividing the Palestinian territory.

The successive rulers of the U.S. have zealously supported the Zionists in a bid to continuously use them as a shock brigade for carrying out their strategy to split and dominate the countries in the Middle East.

But the point is that the U.S. is itself a Jewish state.

Now in the U.S. Jews and the pro-Israeli camp actually control almost all fabrics of society, including politics, economy and media, so its administration's invariable pro-Israeli policy has become an intrinsic demand of the U.S.

This time the U.S. announced that it adopted the above-said decision "in the light of its national security interests." This clearly indicates that the Jewish state U.S. deems Israel's security its own stability and security.

That's why the U.S. talked such rubbish that the ceasefire in the present situation only benefits Hamas, exercising veto at the UNSC meeting, and terms the just cause of Palestinians "terrorism" and Israel's massacre "exercise of the right to self-defense."

The Zionists, buoyed up by the U.S. support, are getting more frantic in their bloody killings.

Israeli troops, leaving Al-Shifa Hospital, the largest hospital in Gaza Strip, destroyed all medical equipment there, and reduced the last hospital in the northern part of Gaza to a "grave ward" through brutal bombardment. This is just a piece of evidence proving the terrible disaster caused by the U.S. patronage of Zionists' massacre.

Such an evil empire impudently calls for "protecting civilians and decreasing civilian casualties," further angering the international community.

Even some prejudiced international public opinions are now approaching the Middle East situation with a new vision and many countries of the world are becoming increasingly vocal in their criticism that the "Middle East strategy" pursued by the U.S. has brought nothing but a vicious cycle of bloody confrontation and war to the region.

Anti-U.S. demonstrations and rallies take place every day not only in Arab countries but also in some "allies" of the U.S., demanding a halt to encouraging and shielding the bloodshed in the Middle East.

The question is, until when will the U.S., being condemned and rejected worldwide and pushed to a pitfall, remain "faithful" to its "mission" as a "Jewish state"?

Time will prove that the U.S. will face due punishment by the international community for shielding Israel being fattened by the "feast of blood." -0-

www.kcna.kp (Juche112.12.13.)