France Should Refrain from Disturbing Peace and Security in Northeast Asia: Analyst

Pyongyang, October 6 (KCNA) -- Ryu Kyong Chol, a researcher of the Korea-Europe Association, on Friday issued the following article "France should refrain from disturbing peace and security in Northeast Asian region":

France reportedly plans to send the patrol plane Falcon 200 to the waters near the Korean peninsula under the pretext of "monitoring illegal naval activities" in October.

In the light of the past history of France, in which it brought warships and patrol planes to the waters off the Korean peninsula to disturb peace, its recent decision is not so surprising but its poor plight is too deplorable as it seeks to raise its prestige by never missing the opportunity for supporting the U.S.-led racket for putting pressure on the DPRK every year.

France has dispatched its military forces to the waters near the Korean peninsula every year since 2019 under the pretext of implementing the UNSC anti-DPRK "sanctions resolutions". Such moves to escalate tensions are very dangerous.

Let us recall the case that broke out in October 2021 when the French patrol plane Falcon 200, which took off from the Futenma U.S. air base in Okinawa of Japan, flew over the East China Sea for the first time under the pretext of "monitoring illegal naval activities".

At that time, a Chinese naval frigate patrolling the waters sent a signal of requiring identification to the French patrol plane and a Chinese fighter jet contained it for 25 minutes. Commenting on such acute circumstances, security experts expressed concern that the regional military tensions have been aggravated since France announced the "Indo-Pacific strategy".

What should not be overlooked is that France, a permanent UNSC member state which is talking about world peace and security more often than any others, regards Japan, which is harboring a wild militaristic ambition, as a bridgehead for carrying out its strategy.

It is an extremely dangerous option for France to highlight its existence in the Asia-Pacific region even through military cooperation with Japan, a war criminal state.

Now that the military and political situation of the Korean peninsula is inching close to the brink of a thermo-nuclear war, due to the U.S. and its followers' hostile military acts, even France has poked its nose into making the touch-and-go situation more complicated and dangerous.

Such irresponsible behavior of France to interfere in the situation of the Korean peninsula and Northeast Asia, where interests of regional powers are inextricably intertwined, is no more than an extremely foolish act of plunging itself into a bottomless pit.

France, caught in trouble even in the African region, had better remind itself of the fact that it may face an unexpected and unwanted challenge for its patrol plane's reckless maneuvers in the Asia-Pacific region that has turned into a flashpoint.

France should cool its head heated with Cold War mentality and face up to the situation.

In different parts of this planet, the voices of justice against the extreme interference in the internal affairs by France, the former suzerain state, are getting stronger and the countries and forces opposed to its anachronistic foreign policy are increasing.

France should immediately stop the dangerous act of destroying peace and security of the Korean peninsula and the Northeast Asian region before it becomes too late, instead of copying someone, captivated by anachronistic "gunboat diplomacy".

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