Japan Can Never Evade State Responsibility for Hideous Crimes against Humanity

Pyongyang, November 13 (KCNA) -- Kim Sol Hwa, a researcher of the Institute for Japan Studies under the DPRK Foreign Ministry, issued the following article "Japan can never evade the state responsibility for the hideous crimes against humanity":

The Japanese authorities' recent shameless act of denying the history is further touching off the anti-Japanese sentiments of the Korean people.

The chief Cabinet secretary of Japan, who said on August 30 that a "record can not be found in the government to grasp the true relations" with the massacre of Koreans in Kanto, made reckless remarks once again on November 9 that "the government's view is that it is difficult to grasp the fact at present as there is not court record."

It is a stark historical truth recognized by the public at home and abroad that the massacre of Koreans in Kanto was a thrice-cursed national chauvinist massacre committed by Japan in an organized and planned way with the mobilization of its state power.

As regards the centenary of the great Kanto quake this year, data proving the involvement of the authorities have been disclosed at a time when various events took place one after another to honor the memory of the Korean victims and witnesses and material evidence disclosing the massacre were unearthed. So the Japanese public is becoming increasingly vocal demanding that the government admit the state responsibility for the massacre and make an apology.

Under such situation, the chief Cabinet secretary speaking for the government's stand has persistently denied the massacre, talking about "record". This is an intolerable insult to the victims and their bereaved families and a shameless act to evade the state responsibility for the hideous crimes against humanity.

The atmosphere of hostility toward the DPRK is rampant in the whole society of Japan and the DPRK-Japan relations are getting worse day by day. This is attributable to the principal statesmen of Japan who have no sense of guilty about the past crimes and are ignorant of elementary human ethics and morality.

Japan is making desperate efforts to erase its blood-stained past history. This is a clear proof of its will to repeat the history of aggression.

The persistent denial of the criminal acts can never cover up the truth of history, and Japan can never evade the responsibility for the crimes. -0-

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