"World Division" Touted by U.S. and West Shows Final Ruin of "Unipolar World" Only: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, December 10 (KCNA) -- The U.S. and other Western countries often talk about "world division" whenever they discuss global issues.

At the 78th session of the UN General Assembly, they said that "the world becomes more divided" and "the gap between the Western nations and Russia, China and other countries has been widened for the past ten years", claiming as if the international community is faced what they called "disaster".

Alleging that "the structure of new cold war is being cemented," they termed cooperation between the DPRK and its neighbor Russia one cause of world division.

They are arch criminals in having turned the world into a theater of war overflowing with antagonism and contradiction. Nevertheless, they spelt out first their worries about "division", thus taking us aback.

A "world" wanted by the U.S. is totally different from the free and peaceful one aspired after and desired by humankind. It is just a world dominated and controlled by it, a world flooded with the American-style liberal democracy.

After World War II the U.S. emerged the head of imperialists and, availing itself of this opportunity, openly set the world domination as a main goal for realizing its foreign strategy.

U.S. President Truman said in his "message" on Dec. 19, 1945 that they finally came to hold the leadership position President Wilson wanted to obtain after World War I, asserting that the U.S. should readily accept the mission of "leading the world". This was nothing but a declaration of the U.S. intention to establish a world order dominated by itself under the pretext of "defending liberal democracy".

In fact, the U.S. geared the West European capitalist countries to the U.S.-led international monetary system by taking advantage of its domestic currency - the basic currency of the capitalist world - and had capitalist countries in the palm of its hand by means of economic "aid" and aggressive military alliance.

After realizing its domination over the capitalist camp, the U.S. declared the Cold War under the excuse of protecting the "liberal world" from "communist threat" and buckled down to toppling down the socialist camp with its vassal states.

When taking the position of supremacy, the "only superpower", along with the collapse of the East European socialist camp including the Soviet Union, the U.S. cooked up and executed a new strategy dubbed "anti-terrorism war" and had kept on committing brutal wars of aggression and terrorist crimes against states in a bid to sustain the "unipolar world".

It didn't hesitate to label the DPRK, Iran and other anti-imperialist and independent countries incurring its displeasure as "axis of evil", "outpost of tyranny" and "state sponsor of terrorism" before designating them as main targets in the "anti-terrorism war".

The U.S. had once actively supported the establishment of the EU to curb the spread of communism in Europe. Later, when there appeared a possibility that the EU might become one polar posing a challenge to the U.S.-led "unipolar world" for its tremendous human and material potentials and political and military capabilities, the U.S. made every vicious attempt to destroy and wither the EU, such as instigating Britain to leave the EU.

Even now, the U.S. has regarded the emergence of regional and world powers and communities as a big challenge and security risks to the "unipolar world" and divided the world into two camps - "democracy" versus "authoritarianism" - and clung to political, economic and military pressure to reserve its "unipolar domination" system.

It activated the "Nuclear Consultative Group" (NCG) aiming at the use of nuclear weapons in order to stamp out the DPRK, a fortress of anti-imperialism and independence, and retain the hegemonic position in the Northeast Asian region and made frantic efforts to bring in even Japan, a war criminal, to finish establishing the tripartite military alliance.

Owing to the U.S. hegemonic moves, the Korean peninsula and other parts of Northeast Asia are more frequently visited by strategic nuclear bombers, super-large strategic nuclear submarines, nuclear carrier strike groups and other nuclear strike means equipped with nuclear bombs of which the killing and destructive power outstrips the one of bombs dropped at Hiroshima or Nagasaki by tens of times, and frantic joint military exercises have been staged there. Now, it is an established fact that a new thermonuclear war will break out.

The U.S. created such new political, economic and military confrontation entities as India-Pacific Economic Framework, "Chip Four Alliance", AUKUS, QUAD and "five eyes" to contain potential rivals and put unprecedented pressure on them.

Last January, it forced the Netherlands and Japan to promise that they would control imports to China while planning to wither Russia with ceaseless military aid to Ukraine.

Due to NATO's policy of "advance to the East" pursued by the U.S. and other Western nations and their black-hearted military aid to Ukraine, the European continent is still in turmoil of the century. And the Middle East region suffers from bloody armed clashes and massacres every day owing to the unjust and biased policy toward the region of the U.S. administration.

The U.S., which opened up a "Pandora's box" to preserve the "unipolar world", is now frantic with fear and worry, saying that "the world has been divided". This shows that the world is evolved in the direction contrary to its desire.

Where there is pressure, there is a backlash.

The present world continues to turn into a world, a multipolar world, where the high-handed and arbitrary practices of the "only superpower" do not work as a result of the rapidly growing anti-imperialist and independent forces flatly challenging the U.S. and other imperialist forces.

As the DPRK, a staunch anti-U.S. nation, came to the surface as a world nuclear power, the U.S. imperialists' hegemonic ambition became totally hopeless, and the emergence of new powers including Russia and China put a strong brake on their hegemonic moves.

BRICS, a formidable political and economic force, further highlights its presence standing up to the unipolarization led by the U.S.

BRICS has already surpassed the G7 with the most powerful economic strength in the Western world in terms of the gross world product. It took on Argentina, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, economic powers in relevant regions, as its full-fledged members, thus providing the possibility for building a new global economic order. And many countries maintaining the anti-U.S. stand and even those countries, once friendly toward the West, are turning their back on the U.S. and joining hands with BRICS.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the current U.S. leadership and its lackeys are the main beneficiaries of the world's unrest, affirming that the U.S. recognizes that it has became weak and began to lose its position and that the American-style world, a world ruled by those seeking hegemony, began to fall down and steadily pass into history.

The speaker of the Iranian Majlis at the 9th parliament forum of BRICS remarked that BRICS is a powerful means capable of playing an important role in preventing "unilateralism" touted by the U.S. and establishing a new world order amid the changing global political structure.

The reality goes to show that the Western forces' trumpeting about world division is a mere scream of frustration over the breakdown of the "unipolar world" led by the U.S. and a sign of extreme fears about the dynamic advance towards multi-polarization by humankind.

It is the law of historical development no one can stop that what is old is ruined and what is new is victorious.

Today when big efforts are made to put an end to the imperialist domination system and establish a fair and righteous, new global order based on independence, it is a matter of time that the "unipolar world" of the U.S. will be brought to an end like a castle on the sand. -0-

www.kcna.kp (Juche112.12.10.)