Japan's Discharge of Nuclear-polluted Water Is Crime: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, December 24 (KCNA) -- Japan continues discharging nuclear-contaminated water into sea, endangering the lives and security of all mankind.

The Japanese authorities recently announced its plan to begin the fourth-round discharge of nuclear-polluted water into sea next February.

The point is that they decided not to confirm the amount of tritium in the water this time though such process had been gone through for the mere form's sake.

Japan, which finally started the discharge of nuclear-polluted water in disregard of serious concern and uneasiness of the international community, hyping it as "clean and treated water", is going to release the water into sea without going through the process of identifying the amount of radioactive materials. This is just an unpardonable rash behavior of making a mockery of human life.

The world public still remembers the unheard-of terrible crimes Japan committed during the Second World War by organizing secret germ-warfare units like Unit 731 and Unit 516 to frantically speed up the research and production of various bio-chemical weapons and reducing Koreans and other Asian people to guinea pigs for confirming their feasibility.

Today the descendants of the germ-warfare criminals ill-famed for inflicting untold pain and misfortune upon regional people are exposing the life and security of all mankind on Earth to serious danger by contaminating the sea, common wealth of mankind, with radioactive water.

No wonder, huge piles of dead sardines washed ashore in Japan in October and in December became a hot topic of world media.

Commenting on such worrisome phenomena, foreign media described the scene as "fish waves."

Recalling that the phenomena happened three months after the discharge of radioactive water into sea off Fukushima, Daily Mail reported that this casts the suspicion that Japan's discharge of nuclear-polluted water affected the ecological system.

Against this backdrop, there is a widespread public opinion in China believing that sardines were killed by nuclear contamination and deploring that Japan's discharge of nuclear-contaminated water will soon exterminate mankind.

But Japan has gone so far as to say "there is no problem in safety", impudently citing "tolerable limit."

There is no smoke without fire.

Japan's discharge of nuclear-polluted water is not the one merely concerning some countries and region but a high-profile hideous crime that seriously threatens all countries and regions in the world and even the distant future of mankind.

Japan, defying the unanimous voice of the international community and mocking human life, can never evade its responsibility for the heinous crime. -0-

www.kcna.kp (Juche112.12.24.)