Descendents of "Imperial Japanese Army" Should Not Act Rashly: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, December 7 (KCNA) -- Japan's military hysteria that has disturbed the peace of the regional society all year round is going on even in the year end.

It was reported that Japan recently made arrangements with Germany to conclude agreements on mutual provision of goods and manpower.

This allowed Japan to expand the scope of the agreements again as it had already concluded the agreements with six countries including the U.S., UK, Australia, France and Canada.

What should not be overlooked is that the agreements on mutual provision of goods and manpower, which enable the signatory nations to freely support foodstuffs, fuel, ammunitions and other goods and manpower, provide Japan, war criminal state which had accepted the exercise of the "right to collective self-defense", with a lever to further facilitate military overseas advance beyond the scope of "exclusive defense".

Japan is staging military drills under various pretexts by shipping all countries which concluded the agreements with it into the archipelago and its vicinity.

As everyone knows, Japan, that was disarmed after its defeat, is bound not to have army, far from the rights to belligerency, participation in a war.

But today, it is Japan that frantically resorts to reckless expansion of military muscle and military overseas advance by turning itself into one of the most dangerous aggression forces.

It is needless to say that such moves of Japan, that does not conceal even a bit its attempt of reinvasion while justifying the past war crimes for aggression in particular, would bring huge disasters to mankind.

After taking the road of overseas aggression with the backing of big forces, Japan joined aggressive blocs in the region while vociferating "free and opened Indo-Pacific" by aligning itself with the U.S. hegemonic policy.

Japan is talking about the possession of "ability for attacking enemy base" after deploying armed forces in the places favorable for aggression of continent while crying out for the "defense of far-off solitary islands" and "recapturing islands".

The facts suggest that Japan's moves for signing the agreements on mutual provision of goods and manpower are aimed to attain its ambition for reinvasion easily by further intensifying military overseas advance.

In the current negotiation for signing the agreements with Germany, Japan told that it would promote military cooperation between both sides over the DPRK and China.

It is a dark intention of Japan to drive the regional situation to an extreme phase in collusion with forces following the U.S. hegemonic strategy and, at the same time, to run without restriction to realize the "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere" by building up public opinion that Japan's territory is on the verge of "greatest threat".

But Japan is mistaken.

The victimized countries who were subjected to bitter pains and sufferings in the past by the Japanese militarists are sharply watching Japan's shameless and military acts.

The descendents of the "imperial Japanese army" should not act rashly, clearly knowing the bitter resentment of the Asian people and the international community. -0- (Juche112.12.7.)