KCNA Commentary Dubs U.S. "Peaceful Effort" "Crocodile's Tears"

Pyongyang, February 23 (KCNA) -- The UN Security Council on Feb. 20 put a resolution reflecting the world public opinion to resolutely check Israel's massacre of Palestinians to a vote, but only the U.S. exercised the veto to make the vote finally end in a failure.

This brought to light the hypocritical behavior of the U.S. which has gone so shameless as to stage a double-dealing farce after driving the Middle East region to the vortex of horrible war. And it sparked off bitterer curse and denunciation of the international community.

From the outset of the year the U.S. secretary of State made a busy tour of Middle East countries to try to gain attention as if he was interested in peace, saying that it is necessary to prevent the vicious cycle of violence and protect civilians. And even Biden let loose a string of rhetoric about the "ceasefire", stunning the world people.

Shortly ago, the White House announced that Biden held a phone conversation with the Israeli prime minister and called for taking "immediate and detailed measures" to expand the thorough and sustained humanitarian aid to Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip.

The U.S. is behaving like a faithful "apostle of peace". One reason of such behavior is to clam down the international community's anger at Israel's massacre of Palestinian civilians. But it is nothing but a trick to relieve itself of the concern about the possibility of getting totally isolated and rejected due to its pro-Israel one-sided policy.

The U.S., from a historical point of view, has zealously shielded and encouraged the Zionists' moves for territorial expansion, regarding Israel as a shock brigade in realizing its strategy for dominating Middle East and has put them forward as its stooges to increase the regional chaos and instability.

After the conflict in the Gaza Strip in October last year, the U.S. offered Israel a huge amount of various lethal weapons, claiming that Israel should be fully prepared for self-defense. It also collected sensitive information about the leadership of the Islamic Resistance Movement of Palestine (Hamas) and the Gaza Strip and offered it to Israel.

Israel clearly said that all its missiles, ammunition, precision guided bombs, planes and bombs are provided by the U.S. and without the U.S., it can never fight this war. Like this, the U.S. is behind the bloody disaster in the Gaza Strip.

Despite the growing voices of the international community calling for realizing the ceasefire and putting an end to the war, the U.S. has steadily supported Israel's massacre politically and militarily, contrary to its massive propaganda about its "effort for ceasefire".

Some days ago, the U.S. Senate passed a bill on aid of more than 14 billion U.S. dollars to Israel. And the U.S. refused for a third time the resolution on the enforcement of ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, which was recently brought up to the UN Security Council.

After all, the U.S. again suppressed the international community's demand for defusing humanitarian crisis and putting an end to war, thus bringing to light its true colors as a vicious harasser of Middle East peace and a rare murderer before the world people.

All the facts clearly prove that the "efforts for ceasefire" touted by the U.S. are nothing but "crocodile's tears" full of hypocrisy and deception.

With nothing can the U.S. cover up its moves to block the peaceful settlement of the crisis and keep inciting Israel to bloodshed. And it can never evade the blame for having plunged the Middle East into bloody massacre and extreme confusion. -0-

www.kcna.kp (Juche113.2.23.)