Hysteria of "Aristocrat" Group Can Not Block Progress of Human Society

Pyongyang, November 12 (KCNA) -- Following is the full text of "Hysteria of 'aristocrat' group can not block progress of human society", an article written by KCNA commentator Kim Yun Mi:

An old-age group of "aristocrats", who lost their power and peerage, met again to grumble at world affairs.

It is just the recent meeting of foreign ministers of the seven countries (G7) held in Tokyo.

Nonsense, let out by them who lavish huge money collected as taxes on going sightseeing across the world to idle time away with grumbling and backbiting, is not worth paying heed to it, but we can not help commenting on their rubbish that hurt the sovereignty and interests of the DPRK.

The meeting made public a "joint statement" that "incriminates" the entirely normal bilateral relations between the DPRK and the Russian Federation, independent and dignified sovereign states, and contains such utterly groundless rhetoric as "complete denuclearization".

Such poor group, which runs helter-skelter to preserve its anachronistic "existing order" on the verge of collapse by putting tens of thousands of entities and individuals across the world on the sanctions target list at its will, disturbing the development of sovereign states and committing aggression and war, has repeated such vicious behavior as taking issue with others, like a guilty party filing the suit first, talking about "economic threat", "pursuit of changing situation by dint of power", "damage to democracy" and "violation of human right".

The group is nothing but an armed puppet of the U.S. on the battlefield and a tool exclusive to the U.S. in the political arena. The result it has finally produced at the recent meeting is just the "model" of double standards, divisiveness and insult.

The group talked about "complete denuclearization" of the DPRK, something to be found in archaism dictionary, touted "Israel's right to self-defense" to encourage its brutal massacre in defiance of the essence of the Middle East situation. Worse still, it adds fuel to the flames of the current war in Europe, calling for "slapping heavy sanctions upon Russia and rendering stronger support to Ukraine." Not content with this, it showed such eccentric behavior as unhesitatingly shielding Japan's discharge of nuclear-polluted water, "welcoming the efforts based on scientific grounds" and talking about "proved safety".

It is the present state of the group of "aristocrats" that as a result of serving the U.S. like a tool, its international position and influence are being weakened with each passing day and it is facing the worst crisis due to the serious political and economic unrest and social division at home and abroad.

It is, indeed, an impudent act of the group to interfere in other sovereign states' internal affairs while discussing the world affairs at any time despite its poor condition unable to settle its own affairs.

Frankly, if the G7 led by the U.S. had respected other countries' sovereignty and prioritized the world peace and development, the situations in the Korean peninsula, Europe and the Middle East region would not have worsened as today and thorny problems would not have been spawned in different parts of the world.

The conclusion is that such a source of trouble as G7 only harmful to the normal development of mankind is best advised to disappear as soon as possible.

It is said that a dog's bark will never make a camel go astray.

No matter how the old-age group of "aristocrats" may raise its voice, the human society will advance forward along its own orbit. -0-

www.kcna.kp (Juche112.11.12.)