Step Taken to Provide Better Living Conditions

While walking along the Taedong River together with officials one day in May Juche 56 (1967), President Kim Il Sung discussed the measure to prevent the river from getting thick.

Right after Korea's liberation when the country was in a bad situation, the President took steps for purifying the river with investment of lots of funds. Afterwards he had guided the work for preventing contamination, frequently learning about the analysis of the river water.

That day, the President summoned the officials to the bank of the river, assuming that the river might have been contaminated owing to an increasing number of factories and mines amid the powerful furthering of socialist industrialization.

Pointing out that the worldwide pain due to pollution is a dangerous byproduct of the capitalist industrial development that has nothing to do with the wellbeing of people, he stressed that we can't tolerate this and our country is for people and the final purpose of our Party's activities is to make the people better-off and that's why we should not allow the slightest effect of pollution.

Saying that our country is for the good of the people and anything harmful to them is useless even if it is economically beneficial, he gave an instruction that any mine discharging ore residue into the river should be abandoned.

And he stressed that it is the intention of the Workers' Party of Korea to make the country free of pollution and let the people lead a pollution-free life.

His teachings served as important guidelines that enabled Pyongyang Municipality to turn into a city in park, the people's city free from pollution. -0- (Juche113.1.30.)