KCNA Commentary on Confab for Confrontation and War Expansion

Pyongyang, June 14 (KCNA) -- A "world summit on peace" will be soon held in Switzerland at the "proposal" and "request" of Ukraine.

With the approach of the summit, the world community is censuring the sinister intention of the U.S., the West and the Zelenskiy puppet clique to trickily abuse the desire of humankind for peace.

Zelenskiy, who had to pay dearly for seriously infringing upon the security and interests of Russia, pursuant to his master's strategy for hegemony, has conducted from the outset of the year such farce as solicitation diplomacy for a "peace conference" and "invitation", touring the U.S. and NATO allies and various international gatherings.

The U.S., the main culprit of the present Ukrainian crisis, too, made its stooge and groomsmen play the farce, in a bid to make up for the poor situation of its stooge driven into a tight corner with each passing day and the growing "fatigue from support to Ukraine" among NATO member states through international cooperation in pressurizing Russia.

However, as the awl in the sack can never be hidden, it is disclosed to the world that the "world summit on peace" is a product of the sinister political plot of the master and servant to pave the way for revival.

The name of the summit is covered with a plausible veil, but it is nonsensical to talk about "peace" without the participation of Russia, the main party to the solution of the Ukrainian problem.

And its agenda, proposed by Kiev, is absolutely intolerable from the stand of Moscow since it reminds of a "surrender document imposed on defeated Russia", as Western countries themselves have admitted.

In other words, under the present situation where Russia is maintaining the definite advantage, the West and the Ukrainian puppet clique are trying to place an infeasible content of "ultimatum" on the summit agenda. This is a revelation of their extreme hostility towards the other party and an expression of their sinister intention to maintain the anti-Russia alliance on the basis of it.

Such gathering can never be a meeting for dialogue and peace and, evidently, it will be no more than a farce for confrontation and war expansion deceiving the world.

Russia has already disclosed that the purpose of the Swiss conference is not to discuss the ways for settling the Ukrainian situation but to work out and present an unpardonable ultimatum to it. And it declared that it has no intention to take part in any event aimed at isolating and stifling itself rather than peace, strongly demanding that the agenda item be set right.

Many countries have refused to attend this conference, claiming that all peace proposals should be discussed on a fair basis, under the condition that Russia and Ukraine recognize and each side takes part on an equal footing.

Even media of the host country described the "peace summit" as a "merrymaking of Western partners", commenting that the conference would meet a miserable end as it does not take account of the position of the BRICS and other countries.

In the final analysis, the confab, prepared by the Zelenskiy puppet clique under the manipulation of the master with much effort, will bring together only groomsmen with "bigoted fixed assets" of NATO in the main that have not yet got rid of the yoke of "military assistance for Ukraine" at the U.S. beck and call. And it will show up the disgraceful looks of admitting their diplomatic failure and "consoling" themselves.

It is quite natural that the conspiratorial conference of those keen on inciting confrontation and war under the pretext of "peace" has come under criticism by the international community.

The U.S. and the West are now resorting to the formation of an international anti-Russia confrontation front together with military support to the Zelenskiy puppet clique in a bid to turn the Ukrainian war situation at any cost. But this is a self-destruction act of pricking their own eyes with their own hands and, moreover, it will only be a way far from "peace".

If the U.S. and the West continue such farce, the world will only watch the ruined shaman's rites.

If they truly want the solution of the Ukrainian crisis and global peace, it would be a beneficial and right behavior for them to make both sides sit at the negotiating table fairly with sincerity, not deception and hypocrisy. -0-

www.kcna.kp (Juche113.6.14.)