Article of International Affairs Analyst

Pyongyang, February 23 (KCNA) -- Kim Yu Chol, an international affairs analyst, on Thursday made public an article titled "What does the present situation in Ukraine show". The full text of it is as follows:

One year has passed since Russia launched a special military operation in Ukraine.

It is the long-cherished desire of mankind to live in a peaceful world free from any armed conflict and war.

The present situation in Ukraine, far from such noble ideal of mankind, clearly tells us who is the arch criminal that sparks disputes and conflicts in different parts of the world and threatens the global peace and security and the existence of mankind.


Inevitable outcome of high-handed practice and hegemonism


If someone claims that the current situation in Ukraine arousing the international community's uneasiness and concern was created one year ago or in 2014 when a coup took place in Ukraine, it will be a very short-sighted and narrow-minded view.

Whoever has a view on the international affairs and normal sense will easily understand that the present situation in Ukraine is not a sudden and short-term challenge to humankind but an inevitable and long-term crisis that has been ignited since the 1990s with the confrontation between the Soviet Union and the U.S. in the Cold War era as a fuse.

As already known, NATO, which had taken the Soviet Union into its strategic sight from the beginning of its birth, broke its promise made at a negotiation with the Soviet Union on unification of Germany that it would not expand the alliance even an inch, and admitted 14 countries in East Europe, the Balkans and Baltic seas into it on five occasions after the collapse of the Soviet Union. And it is now talking about the entry of even Ukraine near Russia.

It is a well known fact that the policy on NATO's "advance into the East" pursued by the U.S. and the West is aimed at ultimately separating and weakening Russia, the successor to the Soviet Union, and preventing it from restoration by tightening the encirclement ring around it.

Russia had repeatedly warned the U.S. and NATO of their dangerous moves, but they have systematically destroyed the regional security environment, persistently ignoring the former's legitimate and just demand and openly attempting to deploy the attack weapon system in Ukraine.

Russia proposed respectively to the U.S. and NATO the issue of concluding a treaty reflecting its legitimate security requirements, such as the cessation of the eastward expansion of NATO including the entry of Ukraine to NATO and the ban of deployment of attack weapons systems in neighboring countries of Russia in December 2021, but their response was too cool.

In the final analysis, it can be estimated that the hegemonic policy pursued by the U.S. and the West, which have persistently resorted to military threats and pressure policies, instead of regarding Russia as a true dialogue partner and companion to co-exist, compelled Russia to start preemptive military actions to fundamentally remove the external military threats to it.

It is preposterous for the U.S. and the West to label Russia as an "aggressor", "war criminal state" and "peace wrecker", while commenting the Ukrainian situation triggered by them, as they had already pushed several countries into a vortex of national discord, antagonism and armed conflict under unreasonable pretexts.


Real Intention to Pour Oil on Fire


Shortly ago, the Russian Foreign Intelligence Agency announced that the U.S. and NATO member states had supplied 440 tanks, 1 510 combat infantry vehicles, 665 artillery pieces and over 1.8 million shells to Ukraine in total. The U.S. Department of Defense also admitted that it has supported weapons worth 29.8 billion U.S. dollars to Ukraine from February last year.

This is enough to arm a country completely and fight a whole war.

The U.S. is insisting that its huge arms support to the Kiev authorities is aimed to make Ukraine defend itself from Russia's "aggression". But this is nothing but a crude sophism that can never deceive even a mere child.

As commented by experts on international affairs, the real intention of the U.S. offering huge military hardware to Ukraine in collusion with its allies is to continuously drive Ukraine into a proxy war with Russia and thus beat Russia down at any cost.

It is also to meet the interests of the U.S. munitions monopolies and further deteriorate the security situation in the region by taking advantage of the situation in Ukraine and thus keep the European countries under its control and maintain its hegemonic position.

An old proverb says that a quarrel should be stopped and a fire should be put out.

But the U.S. is persistently preventing the Ukraine-Russia dialogue and negotiation aimed at the peaceful settlement of the situation.

It is not without reason that it was told at the recent Munich Security Conference that there are forces who do not want a peace negotiation and truce to be realized and that they have a more ambitious strategic goal considering no sacrifice of Ukrainians and no loss of Europe.

The U.S., that is bringing Ukraine bloodshed and war clouds by providing it with many lethal weapons and equipment of various kinds, has deliberately fabricated and spread "rumors that some countries are supporting Russia with weapons," far from reflecting on and atoning for its unethical crimes. This is the height of the U.S. double-standards and shamelessness.

If the U.S. keeps on waging the reckless campaign to give military support to Ukraine, it will unavoidably cause more mighty countermeasures of Russia, aggravate the security situation in the region and increase the dangerousness of Russia-U.S. military conflict.

So there is no guarantee that such a military conflict will not lead to a new world war beyond Europe posing threats to existence of the entire mankind.


Following U.S. Leads to Self-Ruin


Russia and Ukraine are not simply neighbor countries.

The two countries are inseparable because of the history, culture, lineage, religious faith, etc. so it is no wonder that it is said that the peoples of the two countries belong to the same nation.

Notwithstanding, Ukraine has been involved in the war against Russia. It is because Ukraine has thrown its destiny on the pro-U.S. acts and submission to it.

At the instigation of the U.S., Ukraine oppressed the Russian-speaking residents and compatriots in Donbas, trampled on the cultural ties with Russia of more than a thousand years, denied the history of the Second World War, and revived Nazism. This has caused the ongoing tragedy.

This was not an unavoidable destiny.

If Ukraine had not recklessly availed itself of the U.S. policy of confrontation with Russia but promoted reconciliation and unity with its neighbors, little short of the fellow countrymen, rejecting the dirty tentacles of the U.S., the situation would not have reached such a grave phase as now.

The U.S., which emerged with aggression and has grown fat in wars, is an empire of evils encroaching upon the security and interests of not only the hostile states but also its allies without hesitation to attain its selfish purpose.

The group of traitors prolonging their remaining days by clinging to the U.S. sleeves which may be torn into pieces anytime, should get rid of the pro-U.S. sycophancy as early as possible and settle the present crisis peacefully to save their destiny, to say nothing of that of their citizens.

The present situation in Ukraine goes to clearly prove once again that peace will never settle in the world unless the high-handed and arbitrary practices and greedy aggression policy of the U.S. are terminated as it does not hesitate to sabotage the peace and security of a sovereign state in order to maintain its hegemonic position.

The U.S. should come to its senses, though belatedly.

If the U.S. persists in reckless acts of threatening the sovereignty and security of other countries by force of arms by instigating its stooges with the sinister aim to topple down sovereign states which do not follow its will, it will be burned to death by the fire kindled by it. -0- (Juche112.2.23.)