Efficient Health and Anti-epidemic Steps Taken in DPRK

Pyongyang, September 29 (KCNA) -- Works were recently launched in the whole areas of the DPRK to prevent the viral respiratory diseases and maintain and consolidate the stability of anti-epidemic environment.

The State Emergency Epidemic Prevention Headquarters has intensified the anti-epidemic publicity and education to keep the epidemic prevention atmosphere in the whole society. And it has concentrated its efforts on the provision of capability for blocking and controlling various kinds of diseases in their early stages that may occur due to seasonal factor.

It concretizes the anti-epidemic rules and orders and takes public health and anti-epidemic measures to cope with the present and future meteorological and climatic conditions while strengthening the cooperation with relevant organs.

Efforts are also directed to maintaining the normal operation of medical service systems in order to promptly detect various diseases accompanied by fever symptoms and take timely treatment measures.

The work for introducing and generalizing the rational plans needed for analysis and management of nationwide anti-epidemic situation is being executed with thorough guarantee and steps are taken to further complete the scientific test methods and systems, preceding process in building the anti-epidemic capability.

The headquarters has also urged the relevant organs to carry out such stepwise plans for building the state anti-epidemic capability as the constant readiness of anti-epidemic forces and material and technical means, the storage of enough medicines and the modernization of preventive and curative organs.

Emergency anti-epidemic units and preventive and curative organs at all levels across the country exert steady efforts on ensuring the stability of anti-epidemic environment to the maximum in conformity with the actual conditions of their regions and units. -0-

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