Efforts Concentrated on Completing Irrigation System

Pyongyang, January 25 (KCNA) -- The South Hwanghae Provincial Rural Economy Committee of the DPRK is striving to perfect irrigation system.

The committee gave precedence to the survey of the water-deficient and flooded areas and has directed efforts to repairing the existing irrigation facilities.

All the irrigation management stations check the technical preparations of irrigation facilities while making sure that the facilities are maintained and repaired as required by the technical rules.

Meanwhile, the province has pushed ahead with the project for expanding the capacity of water storage facilities to keep all the snowmelt and running water while managing draining gates and distributing gates on a normal basis to cope with any situation.

Farm machine factories and farm machine stations have increased the production of irrigation equipment and accessories to send them to farms with large areas of water-deficient and flooded areas.

City and counties are pushing ahead with the work to build more auxiliary water sources.

The committee, in cooperation with scientists and researchers concerned, is also making a survey of water resources available for irrigation to provide a guarantee for stable farming in water-deficient and flooded areas. -0-

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