DPRK Government Denounces U.S., S. Korea's Sophism about "Denuclearization of North"

Pyongyang, July 6 (KCNA) -- The DPRK at the 7th Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea clarified its policy stand that it will remove the root cause of the threat of nuclear war created by the U.S. and safeguard peace in the region and the rest of the world by means of our powerful nuclear deterrent, it will not use nuclear weapons first, unless the hostile forces violate our sovereignty with their own nuclear weapons, and it will faithfully observe its commitments to nuclear non-proliferation, which it has made before the international community, and strive for global denuclearization.

The DPRK has entered the new phase of its drive for implementing the stand.

But the U.S., the south Korean authorities and other forces hostile toward the DPRK are spinning out sophism that the nuclear weapons of the DPRK are a "threat" to peace of the Korean peninsula and other parts of the world and that no problem can be settled unless the "denuclearization of the north is achieved first", misleading the public opinion at home and abroad.

The U.S. has declined the DPRK's constructive proposal for replacing the Armistice Agreement with a peace treaty under such absurd preconditions as "north's dismantlement of nukes first" and squarely challenged the DPRK's sincere proposals and efforts for dialogue for the improvement of the north-south ties and Korea's reunification with such words as "north's denuclearization first".

The Park Geun Hye group, in particular, is resorting to all sorts of despicable deeds to solicit cooperation for sanctions and pressure on the DPRK whenever an opportunity presents itself while busily going here and there with the "north's denuclearization first" as a cure-all pretext.

In a statement on Wednesday a spokesman for the DPRK government denounced this as a foolish act of totally twisting the essence of the denuclearization issue on the Korean peninsula, and a ridiculous act of nuclear war criminals to cover up their true colors and force the DPRK to scrap its nuclear program.

The denuclearization being called for by the DPRK is the denuclearization of the whole Korean peninsula and this includes the dismantlement of nukes in south Korea and its vicinity.

The U.S. and the puppet forces have neither elementary qualifications nor face to talk about the "north's denuclearization" as they spawned and have complicated the nuclear issue on the Korean peninsula, the statement said, disclosing how the U.S. and the puppet forces derailed the process for the denuclearization on the peninsula.

If the U.S. and the south Korean authorities have an iota of interest in the denuclearization on the Korean peninsula, they should accept the principled demand of the DPRK before anything else, the statement said, and went on:

Firstly, all the nuclear weapons should be opened to public, first of all, which the U.S. has neither acknowledged nor denied after bringing them to south Korea.

Secondly, all the nukes and their bases should be dismantled and verified in the eyes of the world public.

Thirdly, the U.S. should ensure that it would never bring again the nuclear strike means to south Korea, which the U.S. has frequently deployed on the Korean peninsula and in its vicinity.

Fourthly, it should commit itself to neither intimidating the DPRK with nukes or through an act of nuclear war nor using nukes against the DPRK in any case.

Fifthly, the withdrawal of the U.S. troops holding the right to use nukes from south Korea should be declared.

If the U.S. and the south Korean authorities truly want to see the denuclearization on the Korean peninsula and build a "peaceful world without nuclear weapons", there will be no reason for them to turn down the just demand of the DPRK.

If such security guarantee comes true, the DPRK will also take steps in response to it and a decisive breakthrough will be made in realizing the denuclearization on the Korean peninsula.

Taking this opportunity, the DPRK warns Park Geun Hye and other south Korean authorities not to play trickery any more to seek loopholes crying out for "denuclearization of the north" in collusion with their master but face up to the present reality.

If they desperately defy the principled demand of the DPRK, the latter's nukes will be further bolstered up both in quality and quantity and its capacity will reach its maximum. They should bear this in mind.

The denuclearization on the Korean peninsula entirely hinges on the attitude and behavior of the U.S. and the south Korean authorities. -0-

www.kcna.kp (Juche105.7.6.)