Noble Example of Tree Planting Shown by Chairman Kim Jong Il

One day in April Juche 79 (1990), Chairman Kim Jong Il went to the park of the Mangyongdae Schoolchildren's Palace in order to plant trees.

Officials put saplings into the already-made pits and heaped up soft soil around them.

Seeing all the preparations made at the site, the Chairman said that trees should not be planted in this way, adding that one feels worthwhile and significant when one digs pits and plants trees by oneself. When I planted trees together with President Kim Il Sung on Rungna Islet, we personally dug pits and carried saplings with a pole, the Chairman said.

Then, tree planting began.

When officials tried to speed up tree planting with the passage of time, he said that it is necessary to plant trees with care so that they could grow well, and personally corrected the direction of a tree and taught them how to plant trees.

When the tree planting was over, he looked around with satisfaction, saying that the President personally planted trees on Munsu Hill and Rungna Islet and it was a good example in turning the country into a paradise by covering its mountains with green woods, and that the entire Party, the whole country and the entire army should turn out in the campaign for planting many trees every year, following the example of the President.

The day when Kim Jong Il set a noble example of tree planting with his boundless love for the country was an unforgettable day that he made ardent patriotism instilled into the hearts of all people more deeply and firmly. -0- (Juche112.11.22.)