Koryo Medicine Production Units Strive to Improve Sci-tech Capabilities

Pyongyang, March 1 (KCNA) -- Koryo medicine production units in the DPRK have made successes in the production of medicines by dint of science and technology.

The Phyongchon Koryo Medicine Pharmaceutical Factory, which is directing big efforts to increasing its sci-tech capabilities, has effectively operated the sci-tech learning space with the main emphasis placed on letting its employees learn the specialized knowledge suited to their units and occupations, and enhanced the performance of various kinds of equipment by increasing the role of technicians and skilled workers.

The Tokchon City Koryo Medicine Pharmaceutical Factory and the Sinyang County Disabled Soldiers' Koryo Medicine Factory generalized the experience of technicians and employees who took the lead in the mass technical innovation movement, and encouraged them to play a key role, thus making sure that the inventions and technical innovations lead to cost-saving and improved efficacy of medicines.

The Hoeryong City Koryo Medicine Pharmaceutical Factory and the Phohang District Koryo Medicine Pharmaceutical Factory have carried out their production plan on indices by raising the technical level of employees and introducing rational working methods through sci-tech dissemination. -0-

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