Great Person's Birthday Dedicated to People's Wellbeing

Chairman Kim Jong Il visited the then Hwasan Cooperative Farm in Sinchon County, South Hwanghae Province on the night of February 15, Juche 63 (1974).

He asked about the health of a management official of the farm greeting him.

The official was so excited and then came to realize that it would be his birthday in a few hours.

When the official expressed regret over the fact that the Chairman had to greet his birthday in a farm field, the Chairman said that he had not celebrated his birthday and that he left Pyongyang to learn about the farming preparations because officials annoyed him with celebration of birthday.

He told the official that President Kim Il Sung had always made ceaseless efforts only for happiness of the people without care for his birthday, so he could not receive birthday spread. And he added it was better to spend his birthday on the road of relieving anxieties of the President.

At that night, he learned in detail about the farm's preparations for farming and took all measures to do good farming in the year. -0- (Juche113.5.7.)