Women's Union Members Assist New Street Construction

Pyongyang, December 3 (KCNA) -- Members of the Democratic Women's Union of Korea are devoting their pure conscience and sincerity to the construction for a new street in the Sopho area.

Officials and members of the women's union in Pyongyang Municipality redoubled the enthusiasm of builders for revolution and struggle through effective frontline-style political work.

They sent encouraging letters, labor protection materials and supplies to the construction sites and encouraged the youth builders while doing good things at the construction sites.

More than 90 officials of the women's union in North Hwanghae Province worked with members of the youth shock brigade from the province and informed them of the news of their birthplace during a break, encouraging them to perform feats.

Women's union members in South Phyongan, North Phyongan, Kangwon and Ryanggang provinces, too, are making all their sincerity for the construction of the new street. -0-

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