Guarantee for Attaining This Year's Power Production Goal Provided

Pyongyang, June 16 (KCNA) -- Officials and workers in the electric power industry and relevant units of the DPRK are providing a guarantee for attaining this year's electricity production goal.

The Ministry of Electric Power Industry determined the objects of significance in increasing the power production capacity and has concentrated efforts on updating equipment and technology there.

Power generation units across the country have carried out their readjustment and reinforcement tasks as planned to consolidate the material and technical foundations for power production.

Officials and workers of the Pukchang Thermal Power Complex improved the performance of generating equipment and finished such planned projects as overhaul of generators.

The hydroelectric power sector has carried on the repair and management of hydraulic structures in an efficient way and made effective use of the secured water to boost the electricity output.

The transmission sector made it possible to ensure stability of the power system even in the rainy season by carrying out the replacement of electric poles, the reinforcement of supporting structures and the repair of ground conductors as planned.

Officials and workers in such relevant units as coal, metal, chemical, machine-building, mining and building-materials industrial sectors have provided planned equipment and materials in a responsible manner. -0- (Juche113.6.16.)