Songdowon General Foodstuff Factory in DPRK Increases Productivity

Pyongyang, June 15 (KCNA) -- The Songdowon General Foodstuff Factory in the DPRK boosts the productivity by the strengthened sci-tech force.

Thanks to the efforts of its officials and employees, more than 10 kinds of health foods were developed and the quality of products improved.

Officials made talented persons attend the technical consultation so that they could advance creative proposals and, at the same time, while intensifying cooperation with technical forces to solve the problems arising in production.

Technicians of the factory have improved the quality indices of products, concentrating efforts on determining the rational mixing ratio of raw materials.

Those in charge of bread production acquired advanced technology and improved their technical and skill levels through the sci-tech learning space. By doing so, they developed various kinds of tasty and nutritious foodstuffs.

Employees of the sweet and biscuit production units are making innovations in the production of confectionery.

Meanwhile, the factory has solved technical problems arising in raising the efficiency of the integrated production system and the level of automation of equipment operation, and in manufacturing packing containers in keeping with modern tastes. -0- (Juche113.6.15.)