Efforts Made to Perfect Irrigation System

Pyongyang, April 3 (KCNA) -- North Hwanghae Province of the DPRK directs big efforts to perfecting the irrigation system as part of the project to cope with anticipated drought.

The province reinforced the irrigation construction control forces with competent officials to complete the repair of major waterways before the farming season.

Pipe-burying project in the section of more than one hundred meters was completed in the Miru Plain Waterway in a short span of time and tens of irrigation structures were repaired.

The provincial rural economy committee is pushing ahead with the work to minimize drought damage by expanding the area under dry-field irrigation.

It gives attention to the construction of pumping stations in the cultivation areas for major dry-field crops including the Hwangju-Kindung Plain and the Miru Plain and to the production of many pumping equipment at the Sariwon Irrigation Machine Factory.

In addition, the province organized a passing-on-technique conference on dry-field irrigation for the agricultural officials in cities and counties. -0-

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