Asia-Pacific Is Not North Atlantic: Researcher of Int'l Politics Study Society

Pyongyang, June 29 (KCNA) -- Kim Hyo Myong, a researcher of the Society for International Politics Study, on Wednesday issued an article titled "Asia-Pacific Is Not North Atlantic".

The full text of the article is as follows:

War flame ignited in Eastern Europe is flaring up to the Asia-Pacific region.

In April, the chairman of the military committee of NATO visited south Korea and Japan to discuss the strengthening of military cooperation. Moreover, the authorities of south Korea and Japan are going to participate in NATO Summit in Spain for the first time in history.

NATO is responsible for bringing a disaster to Eastern Europe. New strategic concept to be adopted in the coming NATO Summit includes the opposition to China. The U.S. and south Korea are becoming all the more undisguised in their military moves against us on the Korean peninsula and its vicinity. All things considered, there is an ominous sign that dark waves of the North Atlantic will break the silence of the Pacific sooner or later.

NATO is nothing but a perpetrator of the U.S. hegemonic strategy. It is simply a tool for local invasion.

NATO was established with a so-called mandate to defend Europe. The only "contribution" it has made to world peace and security is the devastation of sovereign states, massacre of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians and generation of refugees numbering millions with its unlawful wars of aggression in Europe, Middle-East and Africa, i.e. Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.

It does not need to go any further. The main culprit of current sorry plight of Europe is also none other than the U.S. for it sowed dissension, discord, confrontation and conflict there through its "eastward advance" in systematic defiance of security concerns of Russia.

After transforming the Western Hemisphere into the unstable international region of dispute, NATO is turning its sinister eyes to the far-off Eastern Hemisphere this time.

Some days ago, the U.S. government clarified its stand that south Korea, though it is not a NATO member, is an important companion of individual allies of NATO and that what the U.S. seeks to uphold in the Indo-Pacific with its south Korea allies, in what NATO seeks to uphold in Europe, is precisely the same thing.

This does mean that the U.S. would seek the hegemony in Asia with south Korea as cannon fodder in the same way as it pursues the "American-style international order" at the cost of European countries.

Crystal clear is NATO's purpose of seeking justification for its existence in Asia-Pacific region.

The ulterior purpose of the U.S.-led NATO is to make confrontational alliances such as "AUKUS" and "Quad" in Asia-Pacific region under the pretext of "restoration of democracy" and "strengthening of alliance" and link them to NATO in one chain so as to form trans-pacific encirclement ring aimed at containing and isolating China.

What is a sight to see is the fact that the south Korean authorities are volunteering to play the role of point man and bullet shield for "Eastern Crusade" by NATO.

South Korean authority may have miscalculated that it can get praise from the U.S., its master and address its security concern if it comes under the umbrella of NATO. But it turned out that they have put their feet deep into the pit of fire.

South Korean authority has now shaken dark hands with NATO, a root cause of disaster. It will have to suffer from the most painful and severe security crisis and long-term incurable aftereffect of security unrest.

Member states of NATO, blindly following the U.S., must bear in mind that the Pacific is not so peaceful as they see it.

It only concerns me much how NATO, hardly able to take care of even its "western domain", would cope with all storms that will blow over in the east.

Asia-Pacific countries, regarded by NATO as adversaries and strategic competitors, are not weaker than others in their wills and abilities to defend themselves from interference and aggression of outside forces.

It is only a matter of time before "NATO" ship which changed its course from the North Atlantic to the Asia-Pacific meets the fate of shipwreck. -0- (Juche111.6.29.)