Production of Custom-built Equipment Stepped up in DPRK

Pyongyang, September 28 (KCNA) -- The machine-building industrial sector in the DPRK is stepping up the production of custom-built equipment needed for reinforcement of various economic sectors.

The Taean Heavy Machine Complex has pushed forward with the production of custom-built equipment necessary for the construction of new power bases and the readjustment and reinforcement of power stations across the country.

The complex also gives importance to the quality improvement in the production of custom-built equipment for major metal and chemical industrial establishments.

The same is true of the Ryongsong Machine Complex, the Rakwon General Machine Enterprise and various other units.

The Ministry of Machine-building Industry urges those units in charge of the custom-built equipment production to share their advanced techniques, while encouraging the cooperation between production units and scientific institutes in solving the sci-tech problems. -0- (Juche111.9.28.)