Kanbaeksan Secret Camp

Pyongyang, August 11 (KCNA) -- The Kanbaeksan Secret Camp in the DPRK played an important role in hastening the national liberation in the period of the anti-Japanese revolutionary war. It, one of the secret camps in the area of Mt Paektu, is located in a wide basin at the foot of Mt Kanbaek, which rises between Mts Paektu and Sobaek.

It, built in summer of Juche 27 (1938), is a revolutionary battle site associated with immortal feats of President

Kim Il Sung. The President visited the place several times, set forth strategic and tactical policies for expanding the armed struggle into homeland and hastening the historic cause of national liberation and wisely guided the struggle for carrying them out.

In June 1941, the President came to the camp and set a policy in front of the chiefs of small units, groups of political underground activities and underground revolutionary organizations on adhering to the stand of Juche and waging a struggle in the direction of preparing for the great event of national liberation under the slogan "Let us carry out the Korean revolution by our own efforts!"

The President visited the camp on his way to Paektusan Secret Camp in spring of 1943. At the camp, he issuedthe final attack operation plan for national liberation at the meeting of military and political cadres of the Korean People's Revolutionary Army (KPRA) in June 1945 and called the meeting of officers and men of the KPRA.

Many core members, trained at this camp, vigorously conducted the military and political activities for all-people resistance in different parts of the homeland. And KPRA units which standed by at the camp joined in the final offensive operation in the period of the national liberation operation.

Looking round the Kanbaeksan Secret Camp in August 1990, the President recalled with deep emotion the period of the anti-Japanese armed struggle and verified the revolutionary relics and remains.

The DPRK people inscribed his instructions on natural granite and erected it at the Kanbaeksan Secret Camp. -0-

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