Birthday Spread to Woman Centenarian

Pyongyang, May 31 (KCNA) -- The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un sent a birthday spread to Yun Chun Ran, a woman centenarian living at the South Phyongan Province Old People's Home.

Yun expressed in excitement deep gratitude to Kim Jong Un.

Born into a family of a day laborer before the liberation of Korea, she had to undergo sorrow of a stateless nation. She could lead a genuine life after the liberation of the country.

Out of the mind to repay the Party's benevolence, she had devoted herself to farming and continued to do work even after becoming a pensioner.

She is enjoying her remaining days in good health at the old people's home, wonderfully built under the people-oriented policies of the Party and the state.

Kim Tu Il, chief secretary of the South Phyongan Provincial Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, and officials of the Party and power organs in the province and employees and health seekers of the old people's home congratulated the woman centenarian. -0- (Juche112.5.31.)