Symposium on History and Culture of Koguryo Held

Pyongyang, November 29 (KCNA) -- A symposium on the history and culture of Koguryo took place at the Academy of Social Sciences in the DPRK on November 28.

Present there were officials concerned, researchers, teachers, writers, journalists and editors in the fields of science, education, literature and arts, media and the protection of national heritage.

Speakers noted that they have conducted in depth the scientific study of the history and culture of Koguryo, the first feudal state of Korea and a powerful state that existed in the East for a thousand years, true to the Workers' Party of Korea's idea of unearthing and ascertaining more excellent national cultural heritages created by the Korean people and inheriting and developing them.

They made clear once again that Koguryo, the strongest Eastern power in the history of Korea, was a country founded by the Korean nation both in name and in reality, on the basis of the explanation that it has been recognized as an independent country and a legitimate state of the Korean nation from the olden times.

They expressed their determination to fulfill their responsibility and duty in adding luster to the superiority of the nation by further intensifying the scientific research into the history and culture of Koguryo. -0- (Juche112.11.29.)