Speech of Vice-premier of DPRK Cabinet at National Meeting of Reviewing Emergency Anti-Epidemic Work

Pyongyang, August 11 (KCNA) -- Ri Song Hak, vice-premier of the DPRK Cabinet, made a speech at the national meeting of reviewing the emergency anti-epidemic work.

He said that the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un instructed to establish a crisis management system automatically operated and enforced under the epidemic situation after perfectly eradicating defects latent in the public health sector.

He stressed that the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un held it as the top-priority tasks to completely defuse the public health crisis and lay a powerful foundation for durably ensuring the safety of the people's life at major Party meetings at a grave time when the most serious emergency case of the state occurred, indicating orientations and methods for them.

The respected General Secretary gave precious instructions on all the matters arising in the improvement of the people's living standard and economic work including the need for the economic guidance officials to press ahead with the food supply for the people and the ceaseless production and construction as well as the medicine supply and treatment of patients during the maximum emergency anti-epidemic period, the speaker said, adding: The instructions served as an inspiring banner and driving power for our officials to successfully fulfill their responsibility and role in the emergency anti-epidemic work.

Thanks to his wise leadership and devotion to the country and the people, the public health sector could immediately correct its mistakes of failing in taking proper measures to timely supply medicines to the people and properly operate dispensaries though it was confused by the sudden inroads of the malignant virus and could dynamically work out plans and conduct guidance to initiatively tide over the prevailing crisis while establishing a regular work system of coping with the public health crisis, making pharmaceutical factories realize the local production of medicines imported from other countries and develop a real-time PCR test equipment and reagent our own way.

The respected General Secretary wisely led the work for strongly propelling the all-people grand march for implementing the decisions of the Party Congress under the prolonged emergency anti-epidemic situation.

He expressed the determination and will of the Party Central Committee to push forward with the economic construction and provide the people with more stabilized and improved living conditions at the plenary meetings of the Party Central Committee, made sure that the military airport was used for importing materials indispensable to the economic construction and the people's living while strengthening the emergency anti-epidemic work when the country's economy was stagnant due to the world health crisis, and organized strong joint commands in Pyongyang, provinces, cities and counties.

It was clearly proved once again that the valuable successes made in defusing the ever-worst health crisis, conducting the economic work and ensuring the people's living while overcoming difficulties unprecedented in the history were the great miracle performed only in Juche Korea led by the respected General Secretary and the powerful might of leading socialism to a new victory is only haven by the ever-victorious WPK.

The speaker pledged to devote his wisdom and passion to propelling the comprehensive development of socialist construction by consolidating the foundation of the country for public health and working out plans and intensifying guidance to improve the people's living standard with great endeavor and spirit. -0-

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