Press Statement of Vice-minister of Foreign Affairs of DPRK

Pyongyang, May 16 (KCNA) -- Pak Myong Ho, vice-minister for Chinese Affairs of the Foreign Ministry of the DPRK, released the following press statement titled "ROK is bound to meet disgrace and ruin for its 'soliciting' and 'begging' diplomacy" on May 16:

Jo Thae Ryol, minister of Foreign Affairs of the ROK, visited China some days ago.

It is needless to explain why the top diplomat of the ROK, distressed with extreme internal and external crisis brought by its sycophancy toward the U.S. and Japan and anti-people misrule, hastily opted for a foreign trip.

I also don't care about with what current and to what direction the boat in danger of wreck called the ROK, lost at sea, would drift away.

But I can never overlook Jo Thae Ryol's awful attempt to hurt the dignity and prestige of the DPRK.

During his trip, Jo Thae Ryol impudently said "the north defined the south-north relations as hostile ones in denial of unification," expressing "concern over the north's threatening remarks and various provocations that escalate tensions on the Korean peninsula and other parts of the region.

He reportedly made a series of requests for a "constructive role for peace and stability on the Korean peninsula and denuclearization of the north."

This is just like a guilty party filing the suit first.

The whole world knows who is the very one that has turned the Korean peninsula and other parts of Northeast Asia into the world's worst hotspot and a touch-and-go powder magazine by staging war drills of aggressive nature almost every day throughout the year, talking about the "end of regime" in the DPRK.

The root cause and source of ever-aggravating situation on the Korean peninsula just lie in the U.S. and the ROK following it.

No matter how desperately the ROK may try to disguise itself as a victim by racking its brain and playing on words to turn black into white, no one will be taken in by it any more and the DPRK-ROK relations can never be reversed.

It is a clear indication of impudence and shamelessness of the ROK that its diplomat visited the capital of the People's Republic of China and talked about "constructive role" in his capacity as a servant proactively involved in the U.S.-led anti-China military alliance inching close to China's security sphere.

This time, Jo Thae Ryol impudently displayed bravery by daringly saying that he is "opposed to zero-sum game" and that he is "willing to jointly open up a new phase of ROK-China cooperation." As the ROK is tightly tied up to the carriage of the "neo-Cold War" recklessly driven by the war coachman called the U.S., I cannot but ask if he has the courage to unloose the tie by himself and jump down from it.

The ROK foreign minister's recent visit clearly showed that it is impossible to exist or live together in the least with the clans with such chronic disease as inveterate hostility and repugnancy toward the DPRK, and that the regional situation can never see restored stability as long as there exist the U.S. and the ROK kowtowing to it, the evil source and root cause of instability on the Korean peninsula.

Sovereignty means national rights and national rights just constitute life.

To preserve our right to security in the present environment has become a primary issue in defending and exercising our sovereignty.

No matter how earnestly the diplomats of the ROK order someone a constructive role through soliciting and begging diplomacy, the trite diplomatic mode of politicians in the 20th century, we will never give up our sovereign rights crucial to our lives.

Politicians of the ROK should first stop at once their reckless act of pushing the regional situation to catastrophe in collusion with outsiders, instead of provoking hatred and disillusionment of the international community toward their mean and disgusting behavior.

It is a matter of time for the wrecked ship "Yoon Suk Yeol" hanging by a thread to sink. -0- (Juche113.5.16.)