Press Statement of Vice Foreign Minister of DPRK

Pyongyang, May 30 (KCNA) -- Kim Son Gyong, vice-minister for International Organizations of the Foreign Ministry of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, released the following press statement on May 30:

Terming the DPRK's legitimate launch of military reconnaissance satellite a "violation of the resolution" of the UN Security Council, UN Secretary-General Guterres let his spokesperson to make public his stand that he "strongly denounces it" on May 28.

I express contempt for the repeated misbehavior of the UN secretary-general who rudely decried the sovereign activities of the DPRK which exercised the universal right to use space granted to all the countries, and vehemently denounce and reject it.

It is my opinion that the UN secretary-general should speak on the basis of a reasonable judgment of the overall interconnections of the duty entrusted to him and the prevailing situation, even though he is under the political influence of the U.S. and western countries and although he lacks independent and objective view on the issue of the Korean peninsula.

But UN Secretary General Guterres defamed his position as an international civil servant who assumes responsibilities only before the organization without receiving instructions from any government outside it as he, beyond the level of expressing concern, parroted without hesitation the senseless word of the same "condemnation" with that which came out from the loudspeaker of the U.S. Department of State.

I feel really regrettable, dubious and disappointed at the prejudiced and senseless words and deeds of him who has nothing to say even though he is dubbed a servant of the U.S.

The UN secretary-general, who has neither courage nor intention to condemn Israel, which is committing the thrice-cursed massacre under the eyes of the international community, and the U.S., which is zealously patronizing it, is not entitled to blame the DPRK for its exercise of the same sovereign right which is also done by other countries.

I hope that UN Secretary-General Guterres will not leave the bad name of being the most spiritless and weak-willed secretary-general in the history of the United Nations and, to this end, I advise him to carefully consider his duty he assumes before the UN Charter and other international laws before making any statement about the DPRK.

Taking this opportunity, I express deep concern about the fact that the UNSC is going to convene an open meeting again to call the DPRK's legitimate satellite launch into question at the brigandish demand of the U.S. and its followers and give a warning to the UNSC of the catastrophic consequences to be entailed by its reckless act.

Nowadays, the UNSC has failed to discharge any duty and role in realizing ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, a pressing task of the international society, due to the U.S. unfair behavior. Therefore, it has neither justification nor authority to say this or that on the issue of the exercise of the legitimate right of a sovereign state.

For the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, the launch of a military reconnaissance satellite is an inevitable undertaking for bolstering up the might of self-defence, and what is more, it is a matter directly related with its destiny whether to defend its independent right or not. And for the international community, it is a fundamental issue whether the spirit of sovereign equality and non-interference in internal affairs stipulated in the UN Charter is preserved or not.

The unfair behavior of the UNSC which left indelible stain on the trust and reputation of the UN organization will inevitably invite a tragic result of its own collapse.

We will never tolerate any moves of the hostile forces to violate the inviolable sphere under the exercise of sovereignty nor step back from having access to the space reconnaissance capability which should be done surely no matter what others may say. -0- (Juche113.5.30.)