Short Course Given for Chairpersons of City and County Youth League Committees

Pyongyang, April 1 (KCNA) -- A short course of chairpersons of the city and county youth league committees took place from March 13 to 31.

The short course involved lectures, experience-sharing and other events. It dealt with the practical issues arising in successfully fulfilling the missions on the historic march toward the new victory of the revolution by enhancing the functions and roles of the city and county youth league committees in hearty response to the important tasks set forth in the letter of the respected fatherly Marshal Kim Jong Un to the 10th Congress of the youth league.

In the course, the speakers called for taking it as the lifeline to more thoroughly establish the monolithic leadership system of Kim Jong Un throughout the league and conducting education in the greatness of the peerlessly great men and loyalty in a broad and profound way so as to prepare all the youth league officials and youths to be ardent fighters boundlessly loyal to him.

They called on the young people to turn out in the struggle to attain the 12 major goals for the development of the national economy this year, the third year of key importance in implementing the five-year plan, so as to make every worksite of young people seethe with revolutionary enthusiasm and ceaselessly create new standards and records.

They stressed the need for the youth league officials to steadily improve their political and practical qualifications and abilities, acquire noble traits and intensify the education and struggle to wipe out anti-socialist and non-socialist practices.

The course heard the speeches about the successes and experience gained by officials of the youth league committees at different levels in their work.

During the course, the participants watched films and took part in other political and cultural events. -0- (Juche112.4.1.)