Historic Battle of Pochonbo

Pyongyang, June 4 (KCNA) -- Today marks the 86th anniversary of the historic battle of Pochonbo that brought the dawn of national rebirth to the Korean people.

The battle of Pochonbo is deeply cherished in the hearts of the Korean people no matter how much water may flow under the bridge and no matter how many generations may be replaced as it instilled into the people the conviction that Korea is not dead but alive and that the historic cause of national liberation can be accomplished with the Korean people's efforts.

In the mid-1930s, the Japanese imperialists further intensified their colonial rule over the Korean people.

They fabricated all sorts of evil laws, arrested, imprisoned and killed patriotic people at random and made desperate efforts to paralyze the Korean people's national consciousness while claiming that "the Japanese and the Korean are of the same ancestry" and "Japan and Korean are one community".

At that time, President Kim Il Sung conducted an operation for advancing into the homeland by leading the main force of the Korean People's Revolutionary Army (KPRA) in order to instill the dawn of national liberation into the Korean people who had groaned under the rule by the Japanese imperialists.

The main force of the KPRA started the advance into the homeland on June 2, Juche 26 (1937) and attacked Pochonbo, a strategic vantage of the Japanese imperialists, on June 4.

On the signal given by the President's shot at 22:00, members of the KPRA raided and wiped out the enemy's ruling organs in a moment and successfully concluded the battle.

The President made a historic speech before the masses who dashed out into streets. He said that the flames flaring up at the enemy's ruling organs show before the whole world that the Korean nation is not dead but alive and that it can win victory if it fought against the brigandish Japanese imperialists.

His speech was a great declaration heralding the start of a new history of national rebirth.

After the battle, he mercilessly smashed the enemy who followed the KPRA with a large force in a hurry in Kouyushuishan and Jiansanfeng with his superb tactics and thus demonstrated the might of the KPRA and consolidated the achievements made in the advance into the homeland. -0-

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