President Kim Il Sung's Love for People

One day in December Juche 47 (1958), President Kim Il Sung visited the then Onchon County General Shop.

While looking round the counters at the shop one by one, he asked if there were any heating facilities, saying that the shop was cold.

At that time the saleswomen were working at the cold shop because of poor heating conditions.

After learning about the situation, the President said with a very worried look that the shop is a place much frequented by people, so it is need to keep the shop warm.

Looking at the officials, he said that the saleswomen would have a lot of trouble to serve the guests at the cold shop and it would be good to make double doors. He also told the officials to supply the saleswomen with cotton-padded socks and cream.

Afterwards, the President visited the shop several times and showed warm love for the saleswomen. -0- (Juche112.12.20.)